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Merchant for Online Cigar Sellers/Tobacco Mail Order

Merchant services are a type of financial services that are particularly designed for businesses to use. To be more specific, it is related to merchant processing services that ensure a company can accept payments through protected channels using credit cards, debit cards, NFC/RFID devices, loyalty programs, gift cards, and much more. To have access to these services, a wholesale or mail order merchant must have an account with a merchant service provider. An account is usually made directly or through various partners such as B2B companies or banks.

Online Wholesale or Bulk merchants

With the rise in technology, numerous services are provided online. Working through the internet has turned into a trend for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it performs many operations much faster. Similarly, there are many well-known merchants that you are likely to find online. Online or Wholesale Cigar merchants have to inspect all products that enter and exit their store at all times. They also cross check with either virtual or physical wholesalers to ensure that the products they are receiving have a high quality. The online or wholesale cigar moto merchants should also check that the shop has all the goods that it requires and orders are available to be delivered. They are in charge of advertising as well by uploading and maintaining pictures of the items available for sale. Along with marketing, they also need to come up with interesting deals and promotional campaigns that will attract more customers towards their online store.

How our moto merchant service company can help you

These days, anything and everything is available online. You name the product and within minutes, you'll find many online stores from where you can access it quickly. Unfortunately, some products are considered illegal in some countries. Few examples of such items are cigars, cigarettes, loose tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. Even though they have high demand in many parts of the world, they are not always readily available in online stores. It can be especially difficult for your newly established company to set up a mail order merchant account if you provide online cigar services. Not only is the application procedure tedious, but companies like PayPal and First Data have the right to reject the application of cigarette selling companies. As a result, it can be quite a hassle for your business to provide products to your customers. If your business is involved in selling high-quality goods such as pipes, expensive cigars, and much more, your customers will prefer to pay you via credit cards or debit cards. If you do not have a mail order merchant account, you can quickly lose numerous consumers as the online market has unlimited substitutes available. To keep your sales rising, we can help set up a moto merchant account for your startup.

Our experience & expertise matters

Another reason why you should choose our wholeasle or moto merchant account services is that we have experience with the tobacco industry. We have worked with numerous cigar selling companies and given them valuable advice on how to boost their sales. After years of working within this market, we urge tobacco companies to utilize a recurring billing system for their sites. If your tobacco company clients have identical orders, you can charge them at set intervals. This system allows your business to charge the fee at a particular time of the month (similar to monthly bills) which is ideal for similar orders among different clients.

High Risk Payment gateways

Setting up a payment gateway is equally important. A payment gateway ensures that you receive your payments from customers via different online payment methods. There are many gateway options that you can explore and select. Our company offers its clients a broad range of various payment gateways that they can choose from according to their needs. Having a payment gateway is very beneficial for the services you provide since customers who shop online usually avoid paying in cash and prefer other methods that have been mentioned above.

Domestic vs. Offshore

While setting a merchant account, the question of domestic and offshore account always arises. Should your service be limited to domestic areas or should you adapt to providing your services to offshore areas as well? The tradition in this market is to turn towards domestic banking as it offers banking services at a lower cost with high protection and security. These factors mostly convince cigar sellers to remain within the domestic range. Even though domestic banking is more convenient, your newly established startup should always aim high and go for an offshore account as well. There are many chances that your luxury goods will attract international customers. Hence, you must have a payment gateway for your offshore clients as this is the only way you can facilitate their payments. Even though there are some risks attached to offshore accounts, our company guarantees full security and convenience for your services to remain continuous.

Options to Consider

The highly risky cigar industry is a field of endless options and opportunities for many startups. Many people have a perception that this industry cannot move forward because of all the tariffs the businesses have to face by the government. However, we believe that this market has many promising prospects for the people involved in it. With services from a company like ours, you are guaranteed to be on the right track. Our past customers are highly satisfied by our services and have recommended us to others. We recognize this industry from every angle and understand your needs. Many governments have imposed restrictions and made the entire market a high-alert zone. Despite these boundaries, our company welcomes you to benefit from our services. We will also provide all the trading tools you need to succeed and lead in this industry. We ensure that you will have all the knowledge and information you need regarding this field, whether it is about the trading options you choose or the payment gateways your company will use. In simple terms, our company will not only help you stay within this industry but also help you flourish.

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